Brownie games

Games for Brownies - these are favourites with my unit. If you've got games you'd like to share on the website, why not email them over?

Can you find the ring

Equipment - a ring of some kind and a long rope or long piece of thick string.

You can use this game to start the meeting as by a leader letting the rope out you can add girls all the time.

You choose a Brownie to be the one looking for the ring; the rest of the unit stand in a circle holding the rope and pass the ring around without the Brownie in the middle spotting who has the ring. If Brownies make believe they have it makes it more difficult. You can sing "Can you find the ring, Can you find the ring, It’s going round from hand to hand, Can you find the ring". At this point the Brownie in the middle guesses who has the ring. Make sure if you use your wedding ring you keep an eye on it when finishing the game!

Land Sea Shore

Equipment - a long piece of rope large enough for all the girls to kneel in front of the rope in a circle.

When you call "land" they have to put their hands between their knees and the rope; when you call "shore" they must put their hands on the rope; and when you call "sea" they put their hands in the middle. This is a good one to test their honesty. and a Pack Leader can watch for those that do it wrong and then, as they are out, they can help. You can speed the calling up depending on how good your Brownies are at the game.

Rabbits in the warren

Two Leaders/Young Leaders face each other and make an arch with their hands.

Brownies run around in a circle and when the whistle goes anyone under the arch gets caught. When the girls are caught they stand in the circle and holds their hands up and Brownies join up in pairs to make more catchers. You can do this with music.

Traffic lights

Brownies run around; "Red" is sitting down with arms folded, "Green" they run around, "Amber" is standing still. Brownies are out if they crash into each other or do the wrong action, or the last one to do the action

Circle Cat and Mouse

Brownies stand around in a circle in twos, one behind each other. You choose a Brownie to be the cat and one to be the mouse, and they run around the circle in and out the Brownies. When the mouse gets tired she goes into the circle and stands in front of one of the pairs. The back Brownie is then the Cat, and the cat that has been running around becomes the mouse and is being chased.

Simple Simon says

The Leader calls out actions like "clap your hands", "jump up and down" etc by saying "Simple Simon says clap your hands", all must follow her actions. If the Leader says "clap your hands" without the Simple Simon bit, any girls that do it are out. You can speed up the calling out to get more girls out. Need a fast thinking Leader for this one.

Indoor Hockey

Equipment - two spoons (or two rolls of newspaper) and a bean bag, and a chair each end of the hall for the goal posts

With two lines of Brownies sitting on the floor facing each other, number the girls 1-12 (or as many as you have) one side and 12 to1 the other side. You call out a number and the Brownies that have this number try and get the beanbag under the chair front to back.

This is a very noisy game, and I suggest you don’t play it on a first night with new Brownies as the Brownies shout enthusiastically for their team member.


Again two lines sitting on the floor and number each side 1-12. Girls must put their legs out straight and you need to watch that they keep their legs out straight. Make sure there is a gap between each girl so that the Brownies can run up and down the line jumping over the legs.

Paper balance

Equipment - a piece of newspaper for each girl

Music or a whistle. The Brownies have a sheet of paper each and when the whistle blows they have to stand on the paper. You then tell them to fold the newspaper in half and play it again. You keep blowing the whistle and folding the paper until the girls cannot balance on the paper. If their feet touch the floor they are out. The Brownies that fold their paper carefully will be in the game longer.

Shoe relay

You need even Sixes for this. The girls take off their shoes and you muddle them up at the end of the room.
The Brownies in their Sixes then take it in turns to run to the piles and find their shoes. They must put them on properly before they run back to their team and then the next one goes. First Six to finish is the winner.

All sit down one at a time without talking

The Brownies stand in a circle and have to sit down on the floor one at a time without talking. Try this in Sixes first, then half the unit, then the whole unit. You can then do it stand up as well as sit down.

Sent a letter to my love

Equipment - hankie or a small piece of material

Circle of Brownies, and one Brownie goes round saying/singing " I sent a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it." She drops the hankie behind someone and they must chase her round the circle. The idea is that the one who dropped the hankie takes the place of Brownie who chases her place.

Tunnel Ball or Overhead ball

In Sixes pass the ball over heads to the Brownies behind, the back one then runs to front and repeat.
You can do the same thing between legs, hence tunnel ball.

Team game with each Brownie a number eg 1-6

Call out things with a numerical significance, like milking stool (3), number of Leaders in the Pack (?). leaves on a trefoil (3), 2 plus 2 (4), etc. You will think of loads for this.


Tell Brownies that each corner of the room is a shop eg Butchers, Bakers, Greengrocers, Grocery store.
You call out items and the Brownies run to the correct shop. Things like Artichokes, Tripe, Eccles cakes - catch them all out. Between you, you will think of loads. Sixer will need to help the younger Brownies.

Come into the Giant's House

Brownies go round saying "come into the giant’s house and see what we can be".

You then call out things like a sofa, banana, windmill, and the Brownies in their Sixes have to get themselves into this shape. Award points or sweets for the best Six.


Equipment - paper and pencil for each girl

Give the girls small pieces of paper and a pencil – get them to draw a circle or snake or question mark, or any shape you can think of, and ask them to turn it into a picture. Walk round and pick the best one.

Variation on this one

Give all the girls a piece of paper with a number of boxes drawn on; give them 5 minutes to turn each box into a item, eg case, train house etc. When they have finished you can get them to count how many boxes they have altered to an item. You then can praise them for lots of ideas, and then when planning your meeting you can say, you had lots of ideas for the boxes, let,s have lots of ideas for next term

Noughts and Crosses

Equipment - 9 chairs laid out in rows of 3 wide and 3 deep

Divide the girls into two teams by what uniform they are wearing, or give one team hats, ribbons etc. They have to play noughts and crosses using themselves.

Playdough words

Playdough for each Six

The Brownies come up and you give them a word (have 4 lists). The Brownie then goes back and without talking makes the playdough into a word. When the Six guess it the next one comes up.

Chocolate Game

Equipment - a pair of gloves, a hat, scarf, and a large bar of chocolate (Galaxy is best as it has smaller squares), keep it cold. Two dice and two cups, knife and fork

The Brownies sit in a circle and take it in turns to throw a dice. If they throw a six they run into the middle, put on the gloves, hat and scarf, and cut a square of chocolate (make the rule only one square each)

Fruit Salad

Brownies sit in a circle facing inwards. Name them after fruit eg. Orange, Apple, Banana, Grape -or use fruits that they might not have heard of. (You could then let them taste the fruits)

You call out a fruit and all the girls that have that fruit swap places. The Leader will remove one chair. If fruit salad is called they all change places. The one without the chair is out and can call out the next fruit.

Port and Starboard

Port - run to the left hand side of the room
Starboard - run to the right hand side of the room
Climb up the rigging – pretend to climb up a rope
Down in the hold - crouch down
Scrub the decks - pretend to scrub the decks
On the look out - look out through the telescope
Captain’s coming - salute
Dance the hornpipe - dance a hornpipe
Ship's sinking - get into a straight line down the centre of the room

If you want to write some forfeits, the last one to do the action could do a forfeit so they are not out.

Story telling

Have a bag of various objects and get each girl to add a sentence to a story using the object that they pull out of the bag. Make sure a Young Leader is with the shy or new Brownies to help them.

Policeman, Detectives, Traffic Warden

Equipment - you need to make lots of cards like number plates, with car numbers written, one number on each card. You spread these around the hall.

The Brownies sit in their Sixes and each girl is either a Policeman, Detective or a Traffic Warden. You then make up a story; the traffic warden was walking down Reigate High Street and he noticed a car parked on a double yellow line. The number of the car was ABC123. As soon as you have given the number out the Traffic wardens from each Six have to find that number. The Six keep the number and at the end of the game you count up which Six found the most cards. This needs preparation but is a good game to make the Brownies listen to a story.

Nursery Rhymes

The Sixes sit in small circles and you start one Six singing a nursery rhyme;, when they have finished you point to another Six and the rest of the Brownies count to ten. The Six must have started their nursery rhyme before you get to ten. See which Six can keep thinking of nursery rhymes; they must not repeat nursery rhymes. You can do it with pop songs, Christmas Carols etc depending on the time of the year

Musical Tap

Equipment- 1 short stick (or wooden spoon)

Brownies stand spaced out in a circle. Give the stick to one of the Brownies - start some music. The Brownie with the stick taps it on the floor in time with the music, saying "One Two Three, pass to me". She then passes the stick to the next Brownie who does the same and it goes round the circle. When the music stops the Brownie with the stick is out and sits on the floor so that the gap widens. The last Brownie in wins

Something in your Hand

Each Brownie thinks of some thing that they can hold in their hands, eg coin, toy, hankie, kiss etc. Write these down as the girls say them. When everyone has said something, they go round exchanging the imaginary items with each other. After a period of time, or when they are getting bored, you sit them all down and ask them to say what they now have in their hand. Write these down, and see how many of some things you get, and what is missing from the original list. (Communication)

Fastest way to move a ball

Make a big circle and pass two balls around, one going one way and one going the other. Time how long this takes. You can do it twice and see if they can beat the first time. Then ask the girls how you can speed this up; let them say and try and do it. Gentle lead them into thinking about breaking down into Sixes or small groups and then time how long this takes. The quickest way would be a small Six – all put hand in the middle and one person touches the ball around the hands. This shows them that working in small groups can work well.

That’s me - story.

A quickie – all sit down and tell a story eg all the brownies who have a sister, those of you who had tea before Brownies, etc - if it applies to them they have to stand up. This is a good way of encouraging the shy Brownies to join in and can fill a couple of minutes or so. Depends on the storyteller.

Photographic search

Brownies like doing this on a walk. Go out the weekend before and take photos of gates, windows, drains, covers etc etc, Put these on a sheet of A4 and let the girls go out with a adult to each group to see how many of the pictures they can spot. It’s a good idea to give each Brownie a copy of the pictures, as then they all participate, rather than the more confident one taking charge and not letting younger or quieter girls see the pictures.

Spot the signs

If you know lots of families near your meeting place give them a picture to put up in their window, it can be a letter or animal . Go out for a walk and see how many each group can spot. Do not give out the posters way in advance, the week before would be better as Mums do forget to do it. If you do letters rather than pictures then you can make a word. Either way you can start groups off going different ways which stops arguments of whose turn it is to go out first.

Denise Kinrade
March 2008

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