How can I help?

As well as contributing to Faurefold Fundraising directly or indirectly, there are other ways you can help at our County Holiday & Camp Site.

  • We have working parties from time to time with work suited to the individual’s capabilities and skills. Dates are shown on the County website events calendar as well as being announced in the weekly County News and the Friends Newsletter.
  • Marshalling at local running races. No event would be able to take place without the help of many generous volunteers. You can now give something back by volunteering as a marshal. As a thank you, you will receive – a snack pack and water on the day, an expenses claim of up to £15 (which may be donated to Faurefold.) You’ll also have a fantastic day out in the fresh air.
  • We need someone who knows about building projects to advise on what we have to do next, interpret what we are told etc
  • We need someone who can look after communications – writing for newsletters, keeping us in the press, writing to schools, scouts etc
  • We also need Fundraisers
    • people who will run an event
    • people who would sit on the fundraising group to coordinate activity
    • people who could research grants and / or write grant applications to funding bodies, local companies etc
    • people who can organise matched funding through their workplace.

Please contact us if you would like further details and to offer your services.