Managing Risk

Managing Risks in Surrey East

As you are aware, our safety and safeguarding policy requires Unit leaders and event organisers to identify the risks involved in the activities they are planning, so that these can be managed before the event.

But what about Surrey East? As a separate charity we need to understand the risks that are specific to our organisation and take action, where necessary.

What is a county risk?

A county risk potentially affects the whole organisation and is normally raised by a member of the Surrey East County committee – commissioners, county treasurer, county role holders. For example – county events, finances, property, large scale events.

It may also include risks that are raised by commissioners where there are similar concerns being flagged in unit risk assessments that may be addressed more effectively at the county level.

How are the county risks managed?

Surrey East maintains a county risk log, which outlines all the identified risks.  These are regularly assessed by Small Exec, which includes the County Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioner, County Treasurer and all the Division Commissioners in Surrey East and mitigating actions taken where necessary.

Can I raise a risk?

If you have a risk that you think may be a concern for the county, you should discuss it in the first instance with your local Commissioner.  She will be able to check if it is already on the log and if not raise it to the County.

To find out more about risk assessment good practice and examples of categories of risk click here.