Membership Growth

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We know that recruiting new Leaders and helpers for units is really important so we can offer Girlguiding to all the girls in Surrey East who want to join us. We also know that whilst some units have long waiting lists, others need more girls.

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Click here for lots of useful templates from Girlguiding Cheshire Forest – no need to reinvent the wheel, they might have something you can adapt for your purposes.

Download some Top tips for getting good PR if you’re using the press to help with recruitment

Top tips for making space for more girls in your unit

  • Could a parent rota help you take more girls? Tell parents when their daughter joins that your unit needs their help once a term. Could you ask a parent to organise the rota for you?
  • Be flexible – use the skills and time people have available. Maybe they could be your shopper, or do your admin or accounts?
  • Team up! If you’ve got a long waiting list, ask other units in your district or division, or perhaps a neighbouring division or even county if they’ve got spaces. It might be that they want to recruit girls. Ask your commissioner for help in finding contact details.
  • Consider moving to fortnightly meetings for girls, which you run weekly for half your unit at a time. You could do some joint activities together.
  • Could you change meeting place to get a bigger hall? Or if you’re struggling to recruit volunteers at a particular time or evening, consider moving day or time. Would a Saturday or Sunday be easier for volunteers?

Resources from Stay Awhile events

Girlguiding LaSER held a series of events in summer 2017 about how to recruit new leaders and girls and keep existing leaders in guiding. Here are the resources from these events.

Flexibility guiding – the experience of Kent East

Using data to help retention

Make a Rainbow – Chislehurst experience

How to use Facebook advertising

Stay Awhile event slides

Volunteerism & motivation for volunteering

Notes from Stay Awhile 2 sessions, 15.07.2017

How to use data – Sussex experience

Data and tools

Useful links – Stay Awhile