Musigals 2020


New Acts cannot include – Mama Mia, Greatest Showman or Mary Poppins

Girlguiding Surrey East Musigals 2020 Act Submission Form

Girlguiding Surrey East Musigals 2020 leaders info pack V2

Information and Consent Musigals 2020

In 2013 and 2017, Girlguiding Surrey East put on a show, Musigals, at the Dorking Halls. They included acts that danced, sang, acted and even did gymnastics.  These were based on themes from different Musicals.  Our talented members varied from the smallest Rainbow through Brownies, Guides, Rangers and all the way up to Leaders and the Trefoil, some were solos and duets to full ensembles of units or more!  These shows were such a success we would like to do it again and involve even more of the County!

These packs include information that will help you decide how you can support this fantastic event. This time the show will be held at The Leatherhead Theatre, Leatherhead.  Although 2020 may seem a long way off, the planning and participation starts now!

We need all sorts of people including those that would like to:

  • Be in it
  • Help with the planning
  • Be back stage on the day and deliver it
  • Volunteer at rehearsals to help with safety and odd jobs!
  • Be a Committee member or have a special skill you think we could use

The pack and plan have been written based on feedback from previous Musigals shows and we have included some FAQs we thought you may find useful.

Here’s to another successful Musigals in 2020!