Training Information


Come along and have a natter with other leaders and swop ideas.

These are the different types of training that we offer:

County Training Days

Usually held once a year in spring. Date will be advertised as soon as possible, and roughly two months beforehand the details and booking form will appear on the County website. Various sessions are included for all section leaders covering programme, fun activities, and skills. Suggestions for topics of training welcome.

Click here to submit your suggestion.

County Evening Trainings

Twice a year, there is an evening training session which usually consists of section training for leaders in training (becoming a Rainbow/Brownie/Guide/Senior Section Leader). Occasionally other sessions are included depending on demand.

If you have a suggestion for a topic which would fit into a two hour session, please click here.

Safe Space

All leaders in training need this session to complete their leadership qualification and further details regarding who needs to do complete what parts of their training are available HERE. When a session is available, it will appear on the county calendar on the website and booking will be available alongside.

1st Response

All leaders in training need a full course or equivalent qualification from outside Girlguiding to complete their leadership qualification. If in doubt about whether your qualification will cover you for Girlguiding, use this link to check on the Girlguiding website here or email the 1st Response Co-ordinator for advice –

The full course lasts 6 hours and is usually held on a day at the weekend.

1st Response qualifications are valid for approximately 3 years, and you can do a refresher course and extend your qualification. These last two hours and are usually done in the evening.

The intention is to run courses when there is a demand in order to meet everyone’s needs, so it is really important to register your need for a course even if there is no date currently advertised.

Click here to register for 1st Response Training by emailing the 1st Response Coordinator:

Leader in training mentoring sessions

The trainings above are particularly for Leaders in Trainings. In addition, there are evening mentor sessions which are listed on the county calendar. You will be invited by email to attend these as a Leader in Training. These are drop in sessions and there is no need to book – just turn up to any session that is convenient for you.

Residential training

This training is for Leaders wanting to take their girls away for the first time. These sessions are usually run once a year and explain the Going Away With… Scheme and what’s involved. Sessions are usually run in the spring.

Special one-off skills training

For example, these might cover mini bus training, crafts, music, drama, etc.

These are held periodically as need arises. They will be advertised and booked through the website. If you have a suggestion, send us your ideas here.