Policy 2 – Handling personal data policy

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Policy 2 – Handling personal data policy



Girlguiding Surrey East as part of Girlguiding is required to follow its Handling Personal Data policy as a condition of membership. The policy can be found here: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/policies/girlguiding-policies/handling-personal-data/

 County-level data

There are some situations when it is not possible to use a Girlguiding collection form for county roles, because one does not exist, or because GO does not have the functionality to store necessary data. Examples may include:

  • A Queen’s Guide candidate’s plans (not possible to store in GO);
  • A Leadership Qualification candidate’s progress (not possible to store in GO);
  • Event or training booking forms (not possible to use GO for this);
  • Collecting details of a potential new volunteer, at a location without internet access (details transferred into GO at the earliest opportunity).

In such situations, Girlguiding Surrey East volunteers and the county administrator will need to collect and hold personal data outside of Girlguiding approved forms and Girlguiding systems. It is their responsibility to stay within the law when doing so.

County appointment holders and the county administrator are reminded:

  • Only collect the data that is absolutely necessary for you to perform your role. Avoid collecting data that is already stored in GO.
  • Keep that data securely. Girlguiding’s policy (above) provides guidance on secure storage.
  • Destroy the data when it is no longer required (for example after a training or event, or when an individual completes or abandons their qualification).

 Stay within the law: if you are in any doubt about what you should do, contact dataprotection@girlguiding.org.uk.