Welcome to the residential part of the website.  The aim of the section is to provide advice and support to Leaders who want to take their unit on a residential experience and do not hold a licence.

The County Residential Advisor is Jane Luff.

  • A residential licence, known as the Going Away with Scheme, covers overnight events ( all sections), indoor holidays (Brownies, Guides and Senior Section) and camps (Brownies, Guides and Senior Section) and International events. To achieve a licence you need to complete modules similar to the leadership scheme.
    • Information about running residential events including the forms to be completed are available on the Girlguiding UK website. The forms needed for a residential event are a REN (residential event notification) form, Consent Forms and Health forms. These must be downloaded from the GG website on each occasion that you need to use them as they are updated periodically. Click here to get a form.
    • If you want to run a residential event you should start by discussing what you are planning to do with your District Commissioner. To be able to take your unit away you must hold or be working towards a residential licence. You must hold a warrant before you can start working on your residential licence. If you wish to begin working towards a residential licence your DC will put you in touch with your local residential advisor.
    • Your residential advisor will help you through the various modules that you need to complete to help you achieve a residential licence. There is an assessment which takes place at the event. Click here for the Request for Residential Assessment form
    • The form can be completed electronically and should be emailed to Jane Luff a minimum of 12 weeks before your planned event
    • We suggest that a leader who wants to take their residential qualification attend the annual residential training day which is usually held in the spring term. This is a valuable source of information and gives you the chance to meet various advisors who will be able to help you.
    • We further ask that if you are being assessed that you undertake you event within Surrey East, there are a few exceptions to this, Blacklands Farm, Cudham, Heyswood, and Walton Firs. If you want to be assessed outside the County please contact Jane Luff , before you book the event. We also ask that if you want to be assessed that you try to avoid the first week of the school summer holidays as this is the week that most advisors (assessors) take their own units on a residential experience
    • Queen Guides Exploration or Expedition – You need to contact Tracy Lovell County Outdoor Advisor before planning an event. This should be at least 12 weeks before the event.
    • Senior Section Permits or Guide Camp Permits – You should contact Jane Luff before planning an event. This should be at least 12 weeks before the event.
    • International Module – For anyone wishing to look at taking groups abroad, please contact Amy Lovell for further details.