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This video is part of Girlguiding London and South East England Region’s Festival of LaSER, celebrating World Thinking Day 2021 and the 50th Anniversary of the region.


It’s your time to shine

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Are you ready for a new challenge? Take your leadership skills to the next level, build on your existing experiences, do something incredible and lead an international expedition or international adventure in 2021 for Girlguiding LaSER.

We’re looking for four dynamic leadership teams of 3 volunteers each to lead four groups of up to 15 Rangers (aged 14-18) from our region. There will be two 3-week expeditions and two 2-week adventures to different parts of the world in the summer of 2021. The region will fund leaders with a grant of 40% of the final cost and additional grants can be applied for from Counties, Divisions and Districts.

From an overland camping safari in Zimbabwe; teaching English and supporting a rural community in Indonesia; vounteering at a Community Outreach prorgamme in Malawi; and exploring the Amazon Rainforest on water and cycling down the volcanoes of the Andes. Wherever you end up – you’ll be challanged; make new friendships;develop strong bonds and create lifelong memories.

If you’d like to be considered, you can apply to attend our selection event in March. We’re looking for a mixture of experience and different personalitiies. We’ll be identifying the final leadership teams when we are all together. We welcome applications from established leadership teams as well as individual leaders, and we encourage applications from people who have led international expeditions for the region before, as well as those who have not yet had the opportunity.

All we ask is that you are aged 18 and over; a volunteer with Girlguiding; and prepared to work towards getting the appropriate qualifications and modules before your international experience.

All the information you need is here, including the application form:

Get your application in by Sunday 1st March by 9pm to be considered. If successful, you’ll be invited to the selection day on Sunday 22nd March in central London – so make sure you keep it free.

What is a Girlguiding LaSER International Opportunity?

  • a 3-week community project or a 2-week adventure
  • opportunity for culture exchange experiences
  • may involve interaction with the Guides of the country being visited
  • for up to 15 Rangers/ Young Leaders and 3 adult leaders
  • will cost around £2,500 to £2,800 and grants are available

However, participating in an International opportunity with Girlguiding London and South East England involves more than the 2 or 3 weeks you will spend overseas.

Participants will also need to:

  • attend the LaSERiO weekend in September 2020
  • fundraise some towards the cost of the trip.
  • parents must ensure that the payment schedule is adhered to
  • attend 3 briefing/training weekends
  • attend a reunion weekend
  • attend the LaSERiO weekend in September 2021

What you will learn

All of the international opportunities will give you a chance to develop and learn new skills. You’ll develop skills in leadership, communication and team working – all of which make impressive additions to any CV as well as providing lifelong memories and friendships.

Whether it is an adventure or project you take part in, the focus is on team work, developing ideas and getting 100% stuck into our experiences. We create international experiences which strengthen your planning, motivational, creative, communication and interpersonal skills and the community projects will give you a chance to have a positive impact.

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