Congratulations to Charlotte, a Brownie from 7th Redhill Brownies who received her Guiding Hero Award.

When she went to Nursery with her Mum to pick up her younger sister, she noticed a mum who was upset because her child was very nervous about moving up to her new school class (at a school that Charlotte currently attends). Charlotte immediately comforted the parent by telling her all about the school, the reception classes and how lovely her school is.  The parent was immediately a lot happier hearing this and thanked Charlotte very much. Following this conversation, Charlotte decided that she would quite like to talk to all the children in the preschool room about “Starting School”. She approached the owner of the nursery about her idea.

The owner asked her to come up with an Agenda. Charlotte went away and thought about what she wanted to talk about and created an agenda, which she then showed the owner.  The owner loved Charlotte’s ideas and then asked her to go away and write notes based on her agenda, which she eagerly did. Charlotte spoke to the children about the different classes in reception, their names/ teachers and what kind of things they would be learning, the different activities that you do at school that differ from nursery etc.

Karen, Redhill District Commissioner at the time and current leader of 7th Redhill Brownies, nominated Charlotte as she had shown fantastic citizenship.  The award was presented, together with a county ‘You are a Guiding Star’ badge, by Beverly Heywood-Jones, County Commissioner.  Beverly explained how this showed how Charlotte was living her promise in so many ways by doing her best by helping her community and doing a good turn.  7th Redhill then renewed their promise altogether promising to serve the new King.

Congratulations to Charlotte.