On 1st October, volunteers across Surrey East came together for our annual County Day.  A day to share our Guiding experiences, gather new ideas for activities in our units and to get up to date with Guiding initiatives. Janet Coninx, our Leader in Training adviser provided an update to all on the new the Leadership Development programme which will replace the current Leadership Qualification.

There were key training opportunities helping leaders to use the resources that are available on the Guiding website to ensure we are all being inclusive, also sessions on how to complete risks assessments and how to manage unit finances.  These popular sessions were well attended, and we are very proud of everyone who contributed to this day as organisers, trainers and activity providers.  Thank you!

Over lunch time, there was plenty of opportunity for Leaders in Training to progress their qualification by getting completed clauses signed off and for others to find out more about becoming County Mentors, supporting other volunteers to become leaders.

There was also time to relax and enjoy simply spending time together.

Leaders and young volunteers talk with Vicky Cunningham (Region Peer Education Co-ordinator) about opportunities for young people to lead important topics shaped by experts such as Safe the World, Breaking Free and Think Resilient.