1st Effingham Guides celebrated 50 years since the unit was opened with a sleepover at Walton Firs, Cobham. The guides decorated Richard’s Barn and prepared the lunch for the anniversary celebration. Jessica King, a current guide and keen baker, made a beautiful celebration cake that was enjoyed by all.  They were joined by Anne Parker who first opened the brownies and then, as the brownies were turning 11, went on to open the guide unit.  They also welcomed back past leaders Clare Mahony and Caroline Ford and some of the units Queen’s Guides from the 1970’s and 80’s including some of the original guides from 1973, plus county commissioner, Beverly Heywood-Jones. Anne Parker commented “It was lovely to see the guides in action and to meet up with old friends”. Everyone enjoyed the photo archives and Lis Stanford later wrote “Caroline I were honoured to be invited to the 50th anniversary party of 1st Effingham Guides today. We were at the very first meeting, and [….] I dug out my badges and uniform for the occasion.”

Guides and their leaders celebrated with Bookham Guides at Campfire where everyone sang happy birthday and enjoyed sparklers and marshmallows, then enjoyed their sleepover in the wooden pods and the adventure course in the morning before working hard to prepare for the celebration.

1st Effingham guides at their opening meeting in 1973

Current members of 1st Effingham guides

5 new members made their promise

Current and past leaders with Anne Parker who opened 1st Effingham guides, 50 years ago.

Camping pods at Walton Firs

Celebration campfire