Epsom Division Ranger Unit (10 Rangers and 5 leaders) embarked on an exciting trip to Iceland at the end of July.

An amazing time was had by all. With 5 nights in Ulfljotsvatn, they stayed at the Scout campsite where they met scouts from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and had 2 nights in Reykjavik in a hostel. In Ulfljotsvatn they had a day kayaking across Ulfljotsvatn, and went on the Golden Circle tour and saw an erupting geyser, the tectonic plate boundary, magnificent waterfalls and swam in geothermal waters.

The highlight for most on the trip was glacier hiking they all said was incredible – they even drank water straight from the glacier which was really cool!

In Reykjavik they enjoyed seeing minke and humpback whales and visited the Perlan Museum which was so interesting and it even had an ice cave.

It had taken hard work and many months of fundraising to achieve this epic trip.  So many fantastic memories and friendships made. Epsom Rangers are so lucky to have such inspiring leaders who volunteer to support them.